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Mass Youth Soccer Adult Registration and CORI Background Checks Fall 2016

Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Managers,

Welcome if you are new to Wellesley United Soccer Club, and welcome back to our returning volunteers.  As you may or may not know, a CORI check with Mass. Youth Soccer must be completed by anyone working with our children. MYSA implemented a new Adult Registration procedure and a new CORI submission procedure last year that applies to both returning volunteers and new volunteers.  Returning volunteers with a valid CORI, must complete Step 1 and check the email they receive to make sure their CORI is active.  New volunteers, and those with a CORI expiring this year, must also complete Step 2 & 3. You must complete this process prior to coaching this season. 

All adult volunteers regardless of whether you have a valid active CORI with Mass. Youth Soccer are required to register directly with Mass Youth Soccer now using the new Adult Registration Portal on ShareView, the Membership Management System from Affinity Sports.  This is required every year prior to the fall season so if you did it last year, you need to do it again.  If you did it last year your info will just need to be reviewed.  If you have not done it yet, you will need a photo of yourself to upload  (shoulders up).

Here is the link to the registration site on http://www.mayouthsoccer.org/members/adult_registration/  You must remember the User Name and Password that you set up here to complete the next step.   

1. After you complete the Adult Registration process, the system will identify you and match your information with the uploaded CORI data from our old database. 

2. An email with instructions on completing the CORI registration will be sent to you immediately after completing Step. 1.   If you have an active CORI, it will notify you in the email with the expiration date and you are done with this process.  If not, you will need to register as New Users (applies to those with a MYSA CORI expiring within a year and those without any MYSA CORI certification history).

3. If you are a New User, upon receipt of the email you will click on the link provided and open up your browser to the CORI Registration online form.

4. You will need to enter the username and password you recorded after completing your Adult Registration and then complete the CORI registration online.

(This CORI registration notes that it can be used for all organizations selected during the Adult Registration process.  This only applies to youth soccer programs in Mass., not other sports or youth activities.  Our organization is WELLESLEY UNITED SOCCER CLUB.)

6. Upon completion of your CORI registration, you must print out your Mandatory CORI Submission Form using the “PRINT FORM” button.  If you are affiliated with more than one youth soccer organization, print or copy enough forms for each organization.  

7. This will complete the online CORI registration Process.

Step 3: BRING PAPER CORI FORM AND YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE TO WUSC CORI SUBMITTER  (required only for those who submit CORI application)
1.Complete the CORI Submission Form you just printed by hand filling in the blank sections.
2. Bring the original form in person (along with your driver’s license if you have not been CORI'd before by WUSC) to the WUSC CORI submitter Susan DeNatale.

Stay tuned for when you can bring your CORI Form to Sue DeNatale.  There will be one night each week during the summer:
Thurs. June 30th 6:00-7:00pm - 14 Norwich Rd.
You must provide proof of identity by showing your driver’s license.  If a driver’s license is not available, some other form of U.S. Government issued photographic identification is suitable.
3.Both the CORI subject (adult completing the form), and your organization’s CORI submitter(s) must sign the form using a pen (ink).   No stamps, electronic signatures, or facsimiles are permitted. 
4. The organization’s CORI submitter only need keep the original copy of the form on file.  There will be no need to keep and maintain photocopies of the identification used.

Reminder, in order to complete a CORI registration, all adults must have registered using the new Adult Registration process and will need their ShareView Username and Password.

Adult Registration Frequency
   • Adult registration with Mass. Youth Soccer will be an annual requirement coinciding with the soccer calendar year (Fall/Spring seasons).  At that time when you register again, it will notify you by email if you need to submit new CORI application.  

Thank you for your cooperation!

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Susan DeNatale  at wellesleysoccer@comcast.net

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