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Order ADIDAS Uniforms for Grade 4-8 Teams

The Fall 2017-Spring 2018 uniform for grade 4-8 players will be an Adidas White Jersey, Black Shorts and Black Socks.   

The Grade 4-8 Adidas Uniform for Fall 2017-Spring 2018 is a new white uniform jersey with the same black shorts and black socks from this past year.  Returning 5th -8th players must order a new white jersey with their new assigned number.  They can wear their black shorts and socks from this past year and can purchase additional shorts and socks as either a full kit or individually.  4th graders and players who did not play this past year should order the 3-piece kit. 

Your new assigned shirt # will be emailed when you receive your team assignment in late June. DO NOT ORDER UNTIL YOU GET YOUR JERSEY NUMBER but do plan to place order before July 15th in order to get your uniform in time for season.    Save your black jersey so it can be used for some games where there is a color conflict (OK if numbers are different).

Order as soon as you get your fall team assignment and uniform # from WUSC.  Make sure to enter membership code WUSCREWARD to get 10% discount on all purchases including uniform.

Helpful Hints:

  • Do not use internet explorer, use Firefox or Chrome.
  • If the size you need does not appear try refreshing the page.
  • Some sizes will sell out, check the next day for replenishments.
  • Enter your discount code after all info is entered: WUSCREWARD
  • Discount code also applies to Fanwear.


What does the new Adidas uniform include?  A black jersey, black shorts and black socks.

Why does everyone need to order a new uniform?  Uniform companies change uniform styles every 2 years so this is the end of our two year cycle with previous uniform.

Who is WE GOT SOCCER?  The exclusive uniform retailer for all our players and coaches.  Based in Foxboro, WeGotSoccer is an elite soccer retailer dedicated to selling only the best footwear, equipment and apparel.   Adidas and WeGotSoccer will work together to provide our families with the best quality uniforms, equipment and customer service in the industry. 

How much does uniform cost?  The cost is $64 after you enter the 10% discount code (WUSCREWARD) so make sure to enter the reward code.

How is it delivered?  Your order can be shipped to your home (requires small shipping fee) or picked up at We Got Soccer in Foxboro across from Gillette stadium.  We Got Soccer also sell cleats and lots of soccer gear.  You can pick up several orders as long as you have the order #s and copy of the orders confirmations.

What if I miss the deadline?  Order as soon as you can and as close to this date as possible.  Late orders can't be guaranteed to arrive on time.

What size should I order? There is a SIZING link on the first page of their online Wellesley store site.  Since this is the same style as last year, you can also try on current uniform of your friends and neighbors.  The sizes run very close to our previous Adidas uniform so order accordingly.

How long will we wear these uniforms?  The uniform will be used for fall 2016/spring 2017.

Why did we switch to this vendor/process? This new program also allows our parents to buy extra jerseys, socks, shorts, practice gear, training jackets, hoodies, and more.  There will be additional “Fan Wear” available in youth and adult sizes so the whole family can show their support during every game. This is how most town clubs in our area manage uniforms and the initial cost can sometimes cover multiple seasons.  

What else can I purchase? There are also training jackets, hoodies and other gear available online.                                                                               


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