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CCL NE is the league all of our WPL Club teams play in at it provides a great competitive environment for all of our teams. The league consists of levels of play from development to regional elite leagues and offers a pathway to the US Youth Soccer National Championship which can be seen in the pathway below.

The CCL is based on the philosophy that the player is a member of the club as well as a member of the team and that successful clubs develop players and teams from within.

The Club Champions League (CCL) is the first, and largest, club-based youth soccer league in the United States.  With four distinct competitive divisions, and two conferences (CCL and CCL New England) the league has over 15,500 participants, and over 75,000 registered youth soccer players within CCL member clubs in 9 states and the District of Columbia.  The CCL is larger than many state associations.

The organization was founded on a simple concept that includes three main features:

1.  Superior Competition
2.  A Model for Player Development and
3.  A Governing Board made up of Professional Soccer Directors from each club

More information on CCL can be found here: https://clubchampionsleague.com/about/

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