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Tryouts for Fall teams will be held this Spring for grades 3-7.  The 3rd, 4th and 7th grade players will only have 1 tryout each, 3rd and 4th having done tryouts in the Fall, 7th grade only usually have one tryout before moving into 8th grade. The tryouts in the Spring will be held on Saturday's and Sunday's at Elm Bank. Please see below for tryout dates and times.

To be considered for a stratified team you must sign up and attend the tryouts. We are sorry but cannot offer any makeup sessions. If a player has a prior conflict that prevents them from attending a tryout, you should contact the Age Group Coordinator BEFORE the tryout.   Remember, it is not necessary to attend tryouts to play on a balanced team.  Results from all tryouts will not be shared until the end of the season when we announce the Fall 2021 teams.

You must register here for Tryouts at least 72 hours ahead of attending.  Tryout fee is $25.  You must also register for Fall 2021 Travel Teams before attending tryout. We are trialing a new form of technology so will need the numbers set. You should register for your child's current grade in the spring for Tryout.

  • 3rd Grade Players- Login and select 'SPRING Grade 3 (Fall Gr3/4) TRYOUT'. If your child was registered for 3rd grade tryouts last fall, you will not need to register again and you will see the player as registered. If your 3rd grader is not registered yet, sign up here.
  • 4th-7th Grade Players- Login and select 'SPRING Grade 4-7 TRYOUT'. Registration is required for all players in these grades.  4th graders need to sign up here. 

All tryouts will be at Elm Bank - please check the date/time for each tryout close to tryout date in case of any updates.

Current Spring Grade Date Time  
3rd Grade Girls May 1st 4:45-6:00pm  
3rd Grade Boys May 2nd 4:45-6:00pm  
4th Grade Girls May 1st 6:15-7:30pm  
4th Grade Boys May 2nd 6:15-7:30pm  
5th Grade Girls Tryout 1 April 24th 4:45-6:00pm  
5th Grade Girls -Tryout 2 May 15th 4:45-6:00pm  
5th Grade Boys -Tryout 1   April 25th 4:45-6:00pm  
5th Grade Boys -Tryout 2 May 16th 4:45-6:00pm  
6th Grade Girls -Tryout 1   April 24th 6:15-7:30pm  
6th Grade Girls -Tryout 2   May 15th 6:15-7:30pm  
6th Grade Boys -Tryout 1 Aoril 25th 6:15-7:30pm  
6th Grade Boys -Tryout 2 May 16th 6:15-7:30pm  
7th Grade Girls May 23rd 4:45-6:00pm  
7th Grade Boys May 23rd 6:15-7:30pm  

*Make sure to attend tryout for child's spring grade now. 
Elm Bank-check-in at 2nd parking lot, tryouts will be on fields 3 and 4. All COVID policies will be in place for every tryout. Please make sure your son/daughter is aware of this when attending.  All travel (BAYS) players to bring both red game jersey and black training jersey to tryouts. Player roster numbers are used for assessments. All 3rd grade players to wear their 3rd grade team uniforms.

If you would like to also tryout as a goalkeeper we will be holding tryouts. Please click on the google doc link below to sign your son/daughter up. Players who wish to be considered as a goalkeeper will still need to attend the on-field tryout for their age group.  Goalkeepers who try out and are selected as goalkeepers are required to play 50% of each game in goal as a minimum for the team that they are assigned to. 
Sign up for the goalkeeper tryouts here - Goalkeeper tryouts signup link
Goalkeeper tryout date:
Saturday May 22nd @ Elm Bank.

Current Spring Grade Date Time  
3rd, 4th, 5th Grade Goalkeepers  May 22nd 4:45-5:30pm  
6th-7th Grade Goalkeepers May 22nd 5:45-6:30pm  

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