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TOWN FIELD EMERGENCY MAINTENANCE ISSUES Wellesley DPW 24 hour hotline - 781-235-7600  (call for issues with sprinklers/not for field lining or non emergency issues)

CANCELLATIONS and field closings due to weather will be posted on the website.  If you decide to cancel a home game for any other reason, you must email Chris Howard to cancel the referee.

DIRECTIONS TO AWAY GAMES can be found on this menu under Away Game Directions.  You can also find the directions with the field assignments and maps on www.bays.org or if you know the field name, but just need directions, link directly to each town's site here.


RESCHEDULING A HOME GAME If you need to reschedule a home game, call the other coach and agree on two or three possible times for the make-up game. Email the Chris Howard & Dale Carr. Please include the game ID, teams playing and a couple of times and dates for requested game. Field/dates and times will be confirmed and a referee assigned. Then call the other coach to confirm. Allow at least a few days for confirmation of referee assignment. Please be advised that BAYS travel team coaches will have this responsibility for home games only. For your away games, you will work with the opposing team’s coach who will schedule the game with their town's coordinator.


Goals and Nets at Sprague

  • Never drag any of the goals on the turf fields
  • The 11v11 and 8v8 goals have wheels which rotate to allow for easy rolling. To rotate wheels, lift post and push wheel down and towards the back of the goal. When goal is placed where you need it, rotate wheel back again to the position which allows the goal frame (bottom) to rest on the field. When moving goals, pull from post, be careful not to push where the back frame could dig into turf.
  • When using the 6 v 6 turf goals, on grass or turf, please place a sand bag on each bottom bracket to minimize chance of tipping over
  • Please remind the kids
    <>·No hanging on the goals
  • No climbing on the nets
  • If you move goals for practice or a game try to return to the general area
  • If you notice a goal or net needs repair or replacement, please notify one of us.
  • It may not be a bad idea to carry around some tie wraps incase a net needs a quick fix before your game/practice

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