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Dear Soccer Parents:
As part of our commitment to community service, Wellesley United Soccer is supporting the fundraising effort for the Wellesley Field Fund and we need your help.
Please consider making a donation to the Wellesley Field Fund which is collaborating with the Community Preservation Committee and the Town of Wellesley to widen the field, install durable synthetic turf and build a new state-of-the-art track at the Wellesley High School.  This facility will benefit all community and school sports programs.  While track and field, field hockey, football, lacrosse and soccer will be primary beneficiaries, opportunities for increased access to all of Wellesley's fields will be created by the improvements to this field. This is everyone's field!
With your tax-deductible donation, you can be a part of a great asset to our community. Donations will be recognized on the Hall of Fame Wall at the Stadium or through our Brick Campaign.
For more information please visit  http://www.wellesleyfieldfund.com/. We are at just about 10% of the $900,000 goal so we need everyone to rally for the cause.
Lastly, many of our local businesses are working to support our efforts so please make sure you take that into consideration when considering where to shop and eat.
For example, the California Pizza Kitchen is offering to donate 20% of your bill all day on September 28th to the WFF when presented with the attached flyer.   
We will keep you up to date on other vendors in the community who are offering these types of incentives as they sign on.
If you have any questions about how this will help Wellesley Soccer please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you for your consideration.
Tino De Lollis
WUSC President

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