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Soccer Spooktacular Tournament FAQs

 Please send your questions to Dale Carr to help us add information to this page.


Do you have a concessions stand?

We will have food available through vendors at the tournament at very reasonable prices. Tournament t-shirts with all of the teams listed on the back are also available for purchase on the day as well as other vendors.

What time will our games be?

With 3 games during the day and games that begin every hour, a team typically will start at either 9 a.m., 10 a.m. or 11 a.m. and play games with a 1-2 hour break in between. The games that start the earliest, finish the earliest in the afternoon.

All teams are scheduled to play three 40-minute games (20 minutes per half with 5 minutes at half) structured into appropriate competition based on information entered when teams registered.

When will the game schedule be available?

We hope to have the schedule available at least a week prior to the tournament.

Where should we park?

There is a detailed parking and field map on our website. Please follow the parking restriction signs on neighboring streets and use one of the designated parking areas.  Please do not park on the street corners or in a way that would prevent the easy access of emergency vehicles.

Why are there no playoffs and tournament winners?

Following the Mass. Youth Soccer guidelines, tournaments in Massachusetts cannot offer results-oriented play for age groups in U9 or below. This is a non-competitive tournament, games are played for fun.

What is the advantage to this U19 only tournament?

Without the emphasis on results and with all games at one venue, this tournament provides more of a festival atmosphere that is warm and welcoming to 2nd and 3rd graders. While the games are very competitive, the players and parents enjoy the relaxed bonding experience. The focus of the entire tournament is geared to this younger age group.

Where can we pitch our team tent and can we bring our own grill?

Please see the detailed parking and field map on our website to see the area where tents can be placed.  The only permit we have for grills is with our vendors so team grills are NOT allowed.

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