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Positive Coaching Alliance Seminars

Positive Coaching Alliance Seminars

The club are pleased to announce we will be hosting three seminars by Positive Coaching Alliance in the New Year. We will be running a FREE seminar for Coaches, Parents and Players. These are the seminars below and they are open to parents, coaches and players from any sport.   If you have any questions please contact rlee-stewart@globalpremiersoccer.com

Parent Seminar: Thursday Jan. 28th, 7p.m. at the Wakelin Room, Wellesley Free Library
“The Second-Goal Parent®: Developing Triple-Impact Competitors” 
(90 minutes)
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This interactive workshop explores the role of Second-Goal Parents, supporting their children so that they have fun, positive experiences in sports. It examines how parents can help ensure their children’s experience yields healthy, developmental (physical, social, mental) outcomes that will serve them far beyond the playing field. 

Parents who attend a Parent workshop should be able to:

• Know what is expected of them as a sports parent
• Understand the parents’ goals and their child’s goals related to sports participation
• Match their behavior as a parent to their goals for their child’s youth sports experience • Know the parents’ role in helping keep the fun in sports
• Support their children to bounce back from mistakes and setbacks
• Teach their children about the importance of a growth-mindset
• Understand and manage the relationship between the Parent and Coach

Parents who attend a parent workshop will receive the book Positive Sports Parenting, which provides insightful and sensible advice on how parents can help children get the most from sports. 

Coaches Seminar: Thurs. Feb. 10th, 7 p.m. at the Wakelin Room, Wellesley Free Library
“Positive Motivation: Getting the Best from Athletes” (1.5 hours)
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This interactive workshop shares what the world’s top sport psychologists and researchers know to be the detri- mental effects of negativity and the productive effects of positivity. Coaches will explore scenarios and apply this knowledge to some of the most dif cult team and player motivation challenges.

Coaches who attend this workshop should be able to:

• Motivate difficult players
• Motivate an underperforming team
• Have “hard conversations” with players
• Communicate “Receivable Criticism”
• Give their players an “Emotional Tank Vocabulary” that will maximize their emotional intelligence development 
Player Seminar: Sat.  March 19th, 2 p.m. at the Wakelin Room, Wellesley Free Library
“Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor®” (55-75 minutes) Intended for a maximum of 60 attendees

The transformation from sports participant to competitor is a vital step in an athlete’s development. This step requires hard work, commitment and personal growth to become a “Triple-Impact Competitor”. This interactive workshop, which is designed for high school-aged athletes, describes what it means to be a Triple-Impact Competitor who focuses on improving: 

> THEMSELVES (through the ELM Tree of Mastery) > THEIR TEAMMATES (by Filling Emotional Tanks) > THE GAME (through Honoring the Game)

In addition, the workshop includes an exploration of “hazing,” and how to prevent it.

Athletes who attend this workshop should be able to:
• Gain tools for bouncing back from mistakes and setbacks
• Be on the same page, and speaking same language, as coaches
• Understand the de nition of “hazing” and their role in preventing it

In a study of student-athletes who attended this workshop, 79% agreed with the statement: “I treated my opponents better this season (compared to the season before PCA training).”

Athletes attending this workshop will receive the book Elevating Your Game: Becoming a Triple-Impact Competitor, which gives athletes easy-to-read information and inspiration to improve their performance in sports and beyond. 

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