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How much does WPL Club cost?

  • The cost varies per program. To find age specfic program costs click here and then choose the program for further details. 


Can my child commit to their WPL Club team for just one season?

  • Yes, however placement on teams is not always guaranteed for the Spring season should the team already be at capacity.


What is the difference between Premier League Juniors,  Premier League and WPL Club?

  • WPL Juniors provides an opportunity for children to develop basic soccer skills in a positive and exciting environment.
  • WPL Club is a club option for competitive players which includes twice weekly training and one weekend game
  • Premier League players practice twice a week. This program is geared towards players who are looking to develop skills and increase ball time. They will NOT compete as a team in a weekend game. 


Can my child participate in both Premier League and WPL Club?

  • No, the programs are tailored to offer two different experiences. 


How do I sign my child up?


About the WPL


What age can my child start WPL and WPL Club?

  • The WPL runs from Kindergarten - 5th Grade 

  • The WPL Club runs from 4th Grade - 2003 Birth Year


WPL Club

What is included in the player cost?

  • League registration fee. WPL Uniform which includes a practice shirt, game jersey, game shorts, socks. 


What is the roster size?

  • 9v9 teams can expect to carry a roster size between 12-15 players. 11v11 teams can carry anywhere from 15-20. 


How are players selected to teams?

  • Players are selected to the appropriate team based on a number of factors which include a coach's evaluation and feedback as well as the player's assessment performance. 


Can my child be asked to guest play on another Wellesley Club team?

  • Players can be invited to play on other WPL Club teams by using a guest pass. Players will be chosen to play for other Wellesley teams based on their ability and their effort in practice sessions and games. 


Are teams age based or grade based?

  • Club teams are based on birth year and grade based for 4th and 5th Grade


What league will WPL Club teams participate in?

  • The WPL Club teams currently participate in the NECSL


WPL Club Games


Will my child get equal playing time?

  • WPL Club playing time will be at the discretion of each coach and is based on commitment, performance, attitude and effort. The club does not guarantee equal playing time.


Where are the games played?

  • HOME games are played at Elm Bank or Sprague
  • AWAY games are played within a radius of up to 1.5 hours away. However the majority of the games will be played in a 40min radius. 




WPL Club Training


How often will my child train?

  • Each WPL group will have one or two training sessions a week depending on their age 


Where and when will training take place?

  • WPL practices will all take place in Wellesley. The sessions will be held either at Perrin Park, Sprague, Schofield or Elm Bank.


Who will lead WPL Training?

  • You will have the same coach for the season who will be from the New England Revolution. 




Do I have to participate in WUSC Bays in order to play in the WPL Club?

  • Yes, you have to be signed up to a BAYS or WUSC Intown team to play WPL Club


Should I need to contact my child’s coach, what is the best way to do this?

  • We ask that you please wait 24 hours after the end of the game to contact your child's coach


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