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Each weekend we have our In-Town program. For the 2nd and 3rd grade we assign referees from our 7th and 8th grade teams. This is benefiticial for all as the younger players get to learn from the older ones and the older ones start to learn more about the game in general, this is the start of their refereeing career with WUSC.

All In-Town games run on weekends at Sprague with the 3rd grade on Saturdays either 10.30am or 3.00pm, the 2nd grade runs on Sundays with games at 2.00pm and 3.45pm. The schedule for both of these programs can be seen below, please check to see if you are attached to a game. If you cannot make a fixture you have been assigned to please contact Chris DiCecca as soon as possible.

To view the Spring season in-town referee meeting slides please CLICK HERE

3rd grade program - referee schedule June 15

Girls Games 10:30am

Field 4A: Jaime Gonzalez & Peyton Horn

Field 4B: Jaron Jacobs & Cooper Kennedy

Field 4C: Parker Horn & Nicolas Remedios

Boys Games 3:00pm

Field 4A: Ash Booth & Catherine Foley

Field 4B: Jana Husami & Owen Mix

Field 4C: Abby Reohr & Ryan McClennen

2nd grade program - referee schedule (Sundays)

Girls Week 7 - 2.00pm

Boys Week 7 - 3.30pm

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