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Wellesley United would like to thank Dani Torres and all the other Volunteers who help with the running of TOPSoccer in Wellesley. TOPSoccer is a huge part of the community that is designed to meet the needs of young athletes that have physical and/or intellectual disabilities. TOPSoccer is geared towards player participation and development rather than competition. Here is a bit more about TOPSoccer from Dani Torres.


What is TOPSoccer and how did it get started in Wellesley?
TOPSoccer is a program to enable children with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities an opportunity to play soccer on a team.
TOPSoccer has been offered for 3 years in Wellesley and was started by a group of Wellesley High School seniors.
Where are your sessions held and how often?
TOPSoccer runs for 6 weeks, once a week. The sessions are Saturday’s or Sunday’s. The program has a fall and spring season. The sessions during the Fall are usually held at Sprague. 
What are the benefits of TOPSoccer for a child?
The program allows for technical soccer skills to improve as well as social skills to be developed. Each player works with the same volunteer every week, so a relationship is established between them. The volunteer encourages and motivates the player and helps them to succeed. Additionally, the players socialize with each other and engage in activities together to get the feeling of being on a team.
What should people expect from the TOPSoccer program?
People should expect the program to provide an adaptive environment with one to one attention so the athletes can succeed/improve in the sport they love.
How can children get started in the Program?
To get started in the program you can email me Dani, at danielat170@gmail.com, and register on the Wellesley United Soccer Club Website. 

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